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About ToyAngel

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Who is ToyAngel?

Over the past decade more and more people are becoming fans of manga and anime. The staff at ToyAngel are no different, except our passion started when we were just little boys and girls growing up in Asia. Topics like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon has been in our daily conversation for the past 20 years!

Finally now we can share that passion with all the new fans in the US! We will do our best to provide you with a fair price and customer service so that you will enjoy shopping at ToyAngel.



Products We Sell

ToyAngel sells only authentic toys and figurines purchased from approved US distributors or directly from Japanese manufacturers. So rest assured that all our toys are legitimate and of great quality.



Our Service

As fans ourselves, we know that finding that one specific figurine to complete your collection is never easy or cheap. By importing the toys into the US and shipping within the USA, we hope to provide a cheaper and faster way for you to purchase that figurine that you have been eyeing on. With our past e-commerce experience and running a retail website, we hope that we can make the whole process better and easier for you.


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