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ToyAngel Now Open!

02/09/17 - Thu. 


As some of you may be aware, ToyAngel is branch off of our sister site While focuses on adult toys, ToyAngel focuses on toys for all ages.


Why should I give ToyAngel a chance?


First of all, if you had an account on, that ToyDemon account will work here too! All your loyalty membership level, discounts, and reward points are all usable here and vice versa. With just 1 account, all your purchases from both stores will add to your cumulative total and help you reach a higher membership level and receive perks in both stores!


What if I am a new customer?


Even a new customer, we hope you will like what we have to offer. Sign up for an account and start receving all the bonus points and perks that we have to offer.


To learn more, check out our loyalty program and reward points system.


We are only starting out so hopefully you guys can be patient with us as we add more and more products to our catalog. We hope to provide you what we have provided on, which has been fair prices, vast selection, great customer service, and make your shopping experience a breeze.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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