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Pre-order Info

Pre-order products are products that is not in stock and will be available in the future. Most pre-order products are usually items that are popular and in demand and in limited quantities. The release date listed is Not Guaranteed and is to be treated as Estimated Dates due to product launch date may sometimes be delayed by the manufacturers in Japan. Before you pre-order, please read over the information below:

-If I pre-order, will I definitely receive the product?

All pre-orders are first fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you pre-order, the more likely you will receive your product. In the case we are unable to fulfill your order due to any unforeseen events such as allocation, manufacturer cancellation, etc., we will refund your item in full include any prepaid deposits

-Do I pay for the pre-order now or later?

All pre-orders can be paid in 2 options. Either pay 30% up front, or pay in full. By paying in full, we will not need to ask you for additional payment once the toy arrives and we will be able to ship it out to you ASAP. If you paid with the 30%, then we will send you another request for the remainder 70% once the toy arrives.

-Can I cancel my pre-order?

All pre-order products have a Pre-order Due Date (PO Due Date). As long as you cancel your pre-order before the PO Due Date, you will receive your refund in full. If you chose the 30% payment option and want to cancel after the PO Due Date, then your 30% payment will not be refunded but instead converted to store credit. If you had paid in full, then 30% of your payment will be converted into store credit, and you will be refunded the remainder 70% back to your credit card.

-Can I combine in stock products with pre-order products?

Yes, however, depending on availability, it will be shipped out separately or together. Please contact us if you have more questions.

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